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DockerCon SF 2018 On-Demand Videos Are Available!

We are happy to share the videos from last week's DockerCon SF 2018 sessions. The  DockerCon on-demand sessions videos are ready for you to explore. 

Disruption From Within: Driving Innovation at Franklin American with Docker EE

When you think of mortgage companies, you think of paperwork. You probably don’t think agile and responsive to customers. But Franklin American Mortgage wanted to disrupt that model. With their investments in innovation, microservices and Docker Enterprise Edition, they’ve been able to quickly create a platform to make technology core to their success. Learn more

DockerCon Guest Speaker: Liberty Mutual

On June13th, DockerCon keynote speaker Eric Drobisewski, Senior Architect at Liberty Mutual Insurance, shared how Docker Enterprise Edition has been a foundational technology for their digital transformation. Learn more

Open Source Serverless Framework On Docker EE

Since the advent of AWS Lambda in 2014, the Function as a Service (FaaS) programming paradigm has gained a lot of traction in the cloud community. At first, only large cloud providers such as AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions or Azure Functions provided such services with a pay-per-invocation model, but since then interest has increased for developers and enterprises to build their own solutions on an open source model. Learn more

Making Compose Easier with to use with the Application Packages 

Docker Compose is wildly popular with developers for describing an application. In fact, there are more than 300,000 Docker Compose files on GitHub. With a set of services described in a docker-compose.yml file, it’s easy to launch a complex multi-service application (or a simple, single-service app) on Docker by running a single command. Learn more

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