Drive High-Velocity Innovation with Docker Enterprise 3.0

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Part 1: Docker Enterprise Content Management

It’s all about the app and your containerized apps are all based on images. Docker built the world’s largest library of container images with Docker Hub and then provided an enterprise-grade repository with Docker Trusted Registry. Watch this webinar where we’ll demonstrate how to quickly innovate on top of prior innovations, secure the software supply chain, and accelerate developer productivity.

Part 2: Docker Enterprise Security

The average cost of a security breach is increasing and the best defense is a multi-layered approach that includes prevention, containment and fast resolution. Docker Enterprise is built with security in mind. Join this session to see a demo of built-in features that are designed to provide enterprise-grade security without slowing down your organization.

Part 3: Docker Application

As microservices adoption grows, a single application is no longer based on a handful of machines but dozens of containers that can be divided amongst different development teams. Organizations are no longer managing a few containers, but thousands of them. Docker Applications are a way to build, share and run multi-service applications across multiple configuration formats to help companies scale operations.

Part 4: Docker Enterprise Operations Management

Your ability to easily install and manage your container environment can make or break your company’s container adoption. Docker Enterprise delivers an easy and repeatable way to install, configure, backup, manage and scale the platform from your Developer’s Desktops to hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Part 5: Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS)

Kubernetes is a powerful orchestration technology for deploying, scaling and managing distributed applications. However, due to its inherent complexity, relatively few enterprises have been able to realize the full value of Kubernetes. Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS) is a Certified Kubernetes distribution that makes Kubernetes easy to use and more secure for the entire organization.
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