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Hump Day Demos: What's New in Docker 1.10?

Join us to get the latest on improvements to Docker orchestration, scheduling and security.

Stay up to date with this live webinar

We just announced the release of Docker 1.10 which is jam packed with new features improving orchestration and security for Docker. This release includes Engine 1.10, Machine 0.6, Swarm 1.1, Compose 1.6 and Registry 2.3.

Join us as we talk about the key highlights of this release including:

  • Orchestration. The new Compose 1.6 file format means you can describe services, networks and volumes to define complex distributed apps.
  • Security. Docker Engine 1.10 has multiple security improvements including User Namespaces, Authorization Plugins, and also Seccomp profile passing for an extra level of granularity in locking down processes in your containers. 
  • Clustering and Scheduling. Swarm 1.1, the clustering and scheduling foundation for Docker Universal Control Plane, offers new rescheduling capabilities and improved node management.