Docker Webinar with Guest Speaker from IDC: Containers in Production. What's Driving Enterprise Adoption of the Container Platform

Length: 40 minutes

Containers have evolved into a transformative technology for application development and portability, but containers alone are not sufficient for meeting today’s enterprise requirements. In IDC’s 2018 Container Infrastructure Survey, over 76% of enterprises surveyed stated they use containers in production for mission critical apps with 83% of container deployers using containers on multiple public clouds. In this webinar, Docker and guest speaker IDC Research Manager Gary Chen will discuss why companies are turning to container platforms to support increasingly diverse IT environments, bolster security and governance, and power digital transformation initiatives - from cloud migration and application modernization to microservices. 

Join Docker and guest speaker from IDC, Gary Chen, who will be sharing container adoption trends from his 2018 Container Infrastructure Survey, to dive deeper into: 

  • What types of applications enterprises are containerizing and where these applications are being deployed 
  • How key drivers and benefits, like security and improved operations, are driving enterprise adoption of container solutions 
  • What companies should consider when evaluating container solutions 
  • Why enterprises need a container platform to operate containers at scale and address increasingly diverse IT environments