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Docker, Avanade and Microsoft Parter to Accelerate Modernization and Cloud Migration Without Changing Application Code

The Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program is an integrated solution of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) software, Azure cloud infrastructure and Avanade professional services to modernize existing applications into portable, secure and efficient modern apps in less than FIVE days.

This program applies modern characteristics to traditional apps without requiring any recoding and accelerates realization of cloud strategies. 

Screenshot 2017-09-05 21.39.55.png

By modernizing with Docker Enterprise Edition, existing apps benefit by inheriting modern characteristics:
  • 50% Cost Efficiency: Docker EE streamlines IT tasks like provisioning, deployments and scaling to reducing infrastructure costs with increasing app density per server.
  • Hybrid Cloud Portability: Docker EE packages and isolates app code and dependencies together in an infrastructure agnostic container. Frictionlessly move workloads from one environment to another
  • Enhanced App Security: Apply modern security configurations to existing apps to reduce attack surface area and proactively mitigate risk.