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Bring Portability, Security, and Efficiency to Your Traditional Applications Without Changing Application Code

The Modernize Traditional Applications program kit is a digital learning resource from Docker that will assist you with information around transforming expensive and difficult to maintain applications into efficient, secure, and portable modern apps ready for the hybrid cloud.


Increase Efficiency

By containerizing your legacy application on Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), you reduce the total resource requirements to run your application. This increases operational efficiency and allows you to consolidate your infrastructure.

Gain Portability

Everything required to run the application is packaged into a standardized container which means your applications are no longer restrained to certain infrastructure requirements. Applications can move across multiple environments, development stages, and cloud environments - consistently.

Improve Security

The Docker EE platform provides you with all the tools and capabilities you need to run containers securely at scale. With services like security scanning and container signing, Docker EE enables you to protect all app components from the source, across the network, and to different collaborators and environments with guarantees against tampering.