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Docker Enterprise Edition Brochure

Enterprises are in the midst of digital transformation. This is driven by the desire to increase business agility, meet the rising demands of customers and to close the gap between IT capabilities and business goals. In this digital world, software becomes the vehicle to connect the customer to the business, drive deeper and more meaningful engagement and optimize the organization’s operations. Finding the right platform that improves efficiency to boost application deployment speeds and reduce costs to the business, while maintaining control, is crucial.

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is the trusted, certified and supported enterprise container platform CIOs and IT ops teams are turning to for safer apps, portability and efficiency for applications.

In this brochure you will learn how EE delivers:

  • Integrated container application management
  • End to end security across the entire software supply chain
  • Trusted and certified Docker ecosystem
  • Flexibility and extensibility with existing infrastructure