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Video Series: Modernizing . Net Apps for IT Pros

This is a new 5-part video series in Docker’s Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) program, aimed at Microsoft IT Pros. The video series shows you how to move a .NET 3.5 app from Windows Server to a Windows Docker container and deploy it to a scalable, highly-available environment in the cloud – without any changes to the app.

Moby Summit Los Angeles

Docker will be at Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, CA from September 11-14th to highlight new development with the Moby Project and it’s various components:  containerd LinuxKit, InfraKit, Notary, etc. As part of the OSS NA, Docker is also organizing a Moby Summit on September 14, 2017. Following the success of the previous editions, we’ll keep the same format which consists of short technical talks / demos in the morning and Birds-of-a-Feather in the afternoon.

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