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Docker Official Images are now Multi-Platform 

This past week, Docker rolled out a big update to our Official Images to make them multi-platform aware. Now, when you run docker run hello-world, Docker CE and EE will pull and run the correct hello-world image whether that’s for x86-64 Linux, Windows, ARM, IBM Z mainframes or any other system where Docker runs. With Docker rapidly adding support for additional operating systems (like Windows) and CPU architectures (like IBM Z) this is an important UX improvement. Read More

Get Familiar with Docker Enterprise Edition Client Bundles 

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is the only Containers as a Service (CaaS) Platform for IT that manages and secures diverse applications across disparate infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud. There’s a little mentioned big feature in Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) that seems to always bring smiles to the room once it’s displayed. Before I tell you about it, let me first describe the use case. You’re a sysadmin managing a Docker cluster and you have the following requirements: 

  • Different individuals in your LDAP/AD need various levels of access to the containers/services in your cluster
  • Some users need to be able to go inside the running containers.
  • Some users just need to be able to see the logs
  • You do NOT want to give SSH access to each host in your cluster.

Now, how do you achieve this? The answer, or feature rather, is a client bundle. When you do a docker version command you will see two entries. The client portion of the engine is able to connect to a local server AND a remote once a client bundle is invoked..  Read More

DockerCon Europe 2017 

Time is flying by and there is only one month left until DockerCon Europe 2017. Friendly reminder to register and book your travel and accommodations before it's too late! In addition to the main DockerCon tracks, we have two summits happening on Thursday, October 19th.The Moby Summit, a hands-on collaborative event for advanced container users who are actively maintaining, contributing or generally interested in the design and development of the Moby Project and it’s components. The Enterprise Summit, a full day event for enterprise IT practitioners who want to learn how they can embrace the journey to hybrid IT and implement a new strategy to help fund their modernization efforts.

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