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Docker Enterprise Edition for Linux on IBM Z (yes, mainframe!)

Recently we released a new version of Docker Enterprise Edition featuring expansion of the multi-architecture capabilities from Linux to Windows Server and now the IBM Z mainframe platform. Enterprise IT architecture is complex and diverse and include workloads across different server hardware types and operating systems. Read More

Preview Linux Containers on Windows 

Microsoft is getting ready for the next big update for Windows Server (check out today’s complimentary Microsoft blog post) and some of the new features are very exciting for Docker users. One of the most important enhancements is that Docker can now run Linux containers on Windows, using Hyper-V technology. Running Docker Linux containers on Windows requires a minimal Linux kernel and userland to host the container processes. This is exactly what the LinuxKit toolkit was designed for: creating secure, lean and portable Linux subsystems that can provide Linux container functionality as a component of a container platform.

We’ve been busy prototyping LinuxKit support for Docker Linux containers on Windows and have a working preview for you to try. This is still a work in progress, and requires either the recently announced  “Windows Server Insider” or Windows 10 Insider builds. Read More

DockerCon Europe 2017 

Time is flying by and there is only one month left until DockerCon Europe 2017. Friendly reminder to register and book your travel and accommodations before it's too late! In addition to the main DockerCon tracks, we have two summits happening on Thursday, October 19th.The Moby Summit, a hands-on collaborative event for advanced container users who are actively maintaining, contributing or generally interested in the design and development of the Moby Project and it’s components. The Enterprise Summit, a full day event for enterprise IT practitioners who want to learn how they can embrace the journey to hybrid IT and implement a new strategy to help fund their modernization efforts.

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