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Announcing the new release of Docker Enterprise Edition 

We are excited to share the new release of Docker Enterprise Edition. By supporting IBM Z and Windows Server 2016, this release puts us further in the lead with the first Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution in the market for the modernization of all applications without disruption to you and your IT environment. 

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 17.06 embraces Windows, Linux and Linux-based mainframe applications, bringing the key benefits of CaaS to the enterprise application portfolio. Most enterprises manage a diverse set of applications that includes both traditional applications and microservices, built on Linux and Windows, and intended for x86 servers, mainframes, and public clouds. Docker EE unites all of these applications into single platform, complete with customizable and flexible access control, support for a broad range of applications and infrastructure, and a highly automated software supply chain. 

Learn more or see the new features in action in our new hosted demo environment

DockerCon Europe Diversity Scholarship

Each year, DockerCon brings the community together to learn, belong and contribute. With the support of Docker and our DockerCon Europe Scholarship sponsor, the Open Container Initiative (OCI) our team has created the DockerCon Europe Scholarship Program to provide members of the Docker community, who are traditionally underrepresented, mentorship and a financial scholarship to attend DockerCon in Copenhagen this year. This scholarship program aims to foster inclusivity by supporting members of our community through access to resources, tools and mentorship needed to facilitate career and educational development. Learn More

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