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Multi-Stage Builds 

This is part of a series of articles describing how the AtSea Shop application was built using enterprise development tools and Docker. In the previous post, we introduced the AtSea application and how we developed a REST application with the Eclipse IDE and Docker. Multi-stage builds, a Docker feature introduced in Docker 17.06 CE, let you orchestrate a complex build in a single Dockerfile. Before multi-stage build, Docker users would use a script to compile the applications on the host machine, then use Dockerfiles to build the images. Learn more

DockerCon Europe 2017 - October 16-19, 2017 

DockerCon Europe is a 3 days conference for the container community and Docker ecosystem. Developers, IT pros, engineering managers and technical executives attend DockerCon to learn, network and hack on the next generation distributed systems for containers. Interested in attending? Register Now!

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