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Modernize Traditional Applications by Docker Webinar Recap

IT organizations continue to spend 80% of their budget on simply maintaining their existing applications while only spending 20% on innovation. That ratio has not changed over the last 10 years, and yet, there's no shortage of pressure to innovate. Whether it comes directly from your customers asking for new features, or it comes from your management chain, the story is the same; you have to do more with less.
Thankfully, there is Modernize Traditional Applications from Docker. Where you can take your existing legacy applications, the same ones that underline your business, and make them 70% more efficient, more secure, and best of all - portable across any infrastructure. Learn More

Docker Community Spotlight: Adina-Valentina Radulescu

Adina-Valentina Radulescu, a DevOps/Integration Engineer for Pentalog Romania, has been organizing meetups for not one but two meetup groups. 
In February of last year, Adina founded Docker Brasov and Docker Timisoara, and has since done an amazing job creating and fostering a sense of belonging in her community. This month, we’re happy to shine the community spotlight on Adina to learn more about her Docker story. Learn More

Time to Get Hands-On with Docker at DockerCon EU Workshops!

Need hands-on experience with Docker? Workshops at DockerCon EU is the perfect place; grab your laptops and get ready! The workshops will be assisted by the Docker Team and Docker Captains and help you take a deeper dive into Docker's products, services and uses. Register here 

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