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Announcing Docker 17.06 Community Edition (CE)

Today we released Docker CE 17.06  with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Docker CE 17.06 is the first Docker version built entirely on the Moby Project, which we announced in April at DockerCon. You can see the complete list of changes in the changelog, but let’s take a look at some of the new features. Learn more

Moby Summit June 2017 Recap 

On June 19 2017, 90 members of the Moby community gathered at Docker HQ in San Francisco for the second Moby Summit. This was an opportunity for the community to discuss the progress and future of the Moby project, two months after it was announced.Learn More 

Grab your Laptops and get Hands-On with Docker at DockerCon EU Workshops!

Need hands-on experience with Docker? Workshops at DockerCon EU is the perfect place! The workshops will be assisted by the Docker Team and Docker Captains and help you take a deeper dive into Docker's products, services and uses. Register here 

Docker at Nutanix .Net Conference - Visit us at Booth #S11 

Today marks the start of Nutanix .NEXT Conference in Washington, D.C., the annual conference for Nutanix customers and partners. One of the major themes of the conference is hybrid cloud, and Docker will be there to demonstrate how Docker Enterprise Edition delivers application portability across different infrastructure platforms through a complete enterprise-ready Container as a Service (CaaS) solution for IT. Learn more

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