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Docker brings a Docker Public Registry to China

This week we launched in China a  Docker Public Registry, a cloud-based repository that provides Chinese users free access to the most popular community-generated content including Docker official images. The Chinese community, already the third largest in the world despite the lack of local Docker services, will now have access to the thousands of popular images that have been downloaded billions of times. These images are cornerstone content for organizations that are rapidly assembling new distributed applications. Because the Docker Registry will be managed by Docker and mirrored and hosted in China on Alibaba Cloud, local users will now enjoy faster downloads and response rates, enabling them to develop and ship Dockerized applications seven times more rapidly. Learn More

DockerCon Europe 2017 - last change to submit your Docker talks!

DockerCon is a 3 days conference for the container community and Docker ecosystem. Developers, IT pros, engineering managers and technical executives attend DockerCon to learn, network and build the next generation distributed systems for containers. Interested in attending? Here is a post to help you plan your DockerCon Europe Week.

Don't forget to submit your Docker talks before the CFP closes on June 18th. We're looking for Docker uses cases, deep dives, cool hacks or projects building on top of the Moby Project components!

Introducing a Moby Project Forum, Moby Summit and SIGs

In case you missed it, we now have a forum dedicated to the Moby Project for the development of components of the Moby project library in particular: LinuxKit, containerd, Infrakit, SwarmKit, libnetwork and Notary. Maintainers are organizing regular meetings for the community and anyone interested in contributing.

In addition to online meetings, the Moby Project community will meet in person at Docker HQ in San Francisco on June 19th. Here is the link to register for the event including a high level agenda for the event. Can’t attend this June Moby Summit in San Francisco? Join us for our first European Moby Summit at DockerCon Europe

Docker Enterprise Edition Enters FIPS Certification Process

Security is a key pillar of the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)  platform. From built in features automatically configured out of the box to a new secure supply chain and flexible yet secure configurations that are portable with the app from one environment to another – enabling the most secure infrastructure and applications is paramount. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the Docker EE cryptography libraries are at the “in-process” phase of the FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Cryptographic Module Validation Program. Learn More

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