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Docker for AWS and Azure: Secure by Default Container Platform

Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure are much more than a simple way to setup Docker in the cloud. In fact they provision by default an infrastructure with security in mind to give you a secure platform to build, ship and run Docker apps in the cloud. Available for free in Community Edition and as a subscription with support and integrated management in Enterprise Edition, Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure allow you to leverage pre-configured security features for your apps today – without having to be a cloud infrastructure expert. Learn More

Online Meetup Recap: Introduction to LinuxKit
At DockerCon 2017 we introduced LinuxKit: A toolkit for building secure, lean and portable Linux subsystems. Here are the key principles and motivations behind the project.  Learn More

Webinar Q&A: Docker Enterprise Edition Demo 

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is designed for enterprise development and IT teams who build, ship and run business critical applications in production at scale. Docker EE provides a fully integrated solution that includes the container engine, built-in orchestration, a private registry, and container lifecycle management to help you build a secure software supply chain. Learn More

Planning Your DockerCon Europe Week

DockerCon week is a busy week with so much information to absorb, people to meet and talks to attend. Here’s a quick agenda summary to make sure you know how to plan your travel and get the most out of your DockerCon Europe experience in Copenhagen. Also, don't forget to submit your Docker use cases and Moby's cool hacks before June 13th at 11:59 PST. Submit here!

Docker Captains' Corner


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Docker Retrospective: May 2017 by Elton Stoneman

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.NET and Docker by Scott Hanselman

Secure Your Enterprise Software with Docker Datacenter by David Widen

The Moby Inception by Brandon Mitchell

BoxBoat Cert Tool: Free Let’s Encrypt Certificated for Docker Datacenter by Caleb Lloyd

What is Docker Enterprise Edition and Why Should You Care? by Tim Hohman

How Did I "Hack" AWS Lambda to Run Docker Containers by Vlad Holubiev

Docker For Continuous Delivery: The Basics by Jeremy Chambers

Building Erlang Docker Images With Multi-Stage Builds by Tristan Sloughter

Debugging Remote Node.Js Application Running in a Docker Container by Alexei Ledenev 

Use Docker Swarm to run a Windows+Linux containerized application (Part 1/3) [Video] by Kallie Bracken