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Developing a Spring Boot App On Docker: The AtSea Demo App

This blog post series demonstrates how you can use Docker to develop a typical web application and deploying it in production. For DockerCon 2017, we wanted to build a new demo application that would demonstrate the flexibility of using Docker in development as well as showcase the features of Docker in a production environment. The result was the AtSea Shop, a storefront application that can be deployed on different operating systems and can be customized to both your enterprise development and operational environment.
In this first post, we discussed the architecture of the app while the second post explains how to setup your development environment to debug the Java REST backend that runs in a container. Learn More

Learn more about the Moby Project by attending upcoming Moby Summits!

Last month at DockerCon, we introduced the Moby Project: an open-source project sponsored by Docker to advance the software containerization movement. Over the past weeks, the Moby community has been hard at work on the list of tasks to split Moby and Docker and are excited to share their progress and updates.

The feedback we received after the first Moby Summit at DockerCon being very positive, we decided to organize more Moby summits over the next few months. The next one will be taking place at Docker HQ in San Francisco on June 19th, 2017. This summit will be a great opportunity for everyone attending to learn, hack, collaborate and give feedback directly to the maintainers to drive the architectural decisions and roadmap behind the Moby Project and its components: LinuxKit, runC, containerd, InfraKit, SwarmKit, Libnetwork, Notary, etc. Register for the Summit.

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