DockerCon 2017: All the Sessions Videos are Now Live!

We’re happy to announce that all the breakout session video recordings from DockerCon 2017 are now available online! Special shoutout to all the amazing speakers for making their sessions informative and insightful. All the videos are published on the Docker Youtube channel and the presentation slides available from the Docker Slideshare account. Learn More

DockerCon Copenhagen Registration and Call for Proposals are OPEN

DockerCon Austin was amazing! We are still on a high from the energy and excitement that is created when 5,500 members of the Docker Community are in one place. Containers are everywhere, and the learning, inspiration and networking that those four days brings is unrivaled. We welcomed amazing speakers, made tons of meaningful connections and are already geared up to do it again. So, let’s do it again, October 16 - 19th in Copenhagen! Registration is open and Early Bird tickets are limited. Learn More

Docker Enterprise Edition Brings New Life Back to Legacy Apps at Northern Trust

Many organizations understand the value of building modern 12-factor applications with microservices. However, 90+% of applications running today are still traditional, monolithic apps. That is also the case for Northern Trust – a 128-year old financial services company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. At DockerCon 2017, Rob Tanner, Division Manager for Enterprise Middleware at Northern Trust, shared how they are using Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) to modernize their traditional applications to make them faster, safer, and more performant. Learn More

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