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Docker for Windows Desktop ...Now with Kubernetes!

Today we are excited to announce the beta for Docker for Windows Desktop with integrated Kubernetes is now available in the edge channel! This release includes Kubernetes 1.8, just like the Docker for Mac and Docker Enterprise Edition and will allow you to develop Linux containers. The easiest way to get Kubernetes on your desktop is here. Simply check the box and go What You Can Do with Kubernetes on your desktop? Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are the most popular way to configure a Docker dev environment, and are each used everyday by millions of developers to build, test, and debug containerized apps. Learn more. 

Last Chance For Early Bird!

Get your DockerCon full conference pass by 23:59PST on January 31 to take advantage of our early bird special! Full conference passes are currently $990 and will increase to $1,395 when the promotion ends. Register here. 

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