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Role-based Access Control For Kubernetes with Docker EE 

Last week we  released the latest beta for Docker Enterprise Edition. Without a doubt one of the most significant features in this release is providing a single management control plane for both Swarm and Kubernetes-based clusters – including clusters made up of both Swarm and Kubernetes workers. This offers customers unparalleled choice in how they manage both their traditional and cloud native applications. Learn more. 

DockerCon 2018: Registration, CFP and First Speakers

Good news: Our favorite time of the year is less than 6 months away! After Seattle and Austin, we’re excited to bring  DockerCon US 2018 back to San Francisco. With more than 6000 attendees gathering at Moscone Center on June 12-15, 2018, this year’s DockerCon US should be the biggest one to date. Learn more. 

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