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DockerCon 2018 San Francisco CFP is Open: Deadline is January 18th at 11:59 PST 

The DockerCon San Francisco 2018 Call for Proposals is open! From beginners to experts, the Docker and Moby community come to DockerCon to learn, share and contribute. If you have Docker story to share, submit your talk today. The deadline for submissions is January 18th, 2018 at 11:59 PST.   Submit a talk IT Pros How-tos (new) SysAdmins, what is your container story? How did you operationalize Docker in your organization and what changes did it bring about? Tell us about a day or week in your life, and be sure to share your learnings, insights, recommendations and future plans! Containers in Production – Customer Stories Are you a Docker EE customer with production implementation advice and learnings to share? Can you share your technology stack, architecture decisions and trade offs, and your ROI? Learn more.

A Tour of Containerd 1.0

We have done a few talks in the past on different features of containerd, how it was designed, and some of the problems that we have fixed along the way. Containerd is used by Docker, Kubernetes CRI, and a few other projects but this is a post for people who may not know what containerd actually does within these platforms.  I would like to do more posts on the feature set and design of containerd in the future but for now, we will start with the basics. Learn more.

Docker Captains' Corner


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