Docker Global Mentor Week 2016

The Docker Global Mentor Week 2016 is just around the corner and we cannot contain our excitement. With more than 100 events, 400 mentors onboard and approximately 6000 attendees, the level of participation and collaboration in the community is simply incredible. Participants will chose between beginner or the intermediate level labs for either Devs or Ops, and complete the coursework during the event with advanced Docker users helping as mentors. Get involved!

Using Docker Swarm Mode

Last Wednesday was Docker’s 50th meetup in San Francisco! Docker’s own Nishant Totla and Dongluo Chen gave a talk on ‘Using Docker Swarm Mode and healthchecks to Deploy Applications Without Loss’. Check out the slides and video recording of the demo in this blog post.

Save the date for DockerCon 2017

In case you missed it, DockerCon 2017 will be in held in Austin, Texas from April 17-20, 2017 Between the lively tech community, amazing restaurants and culture, Austin will be a natural fit for DockerCon. We can’t wait to welcome back many returning DockerCon alumni as well as open the DockerCon doors to so many new attendees and companies in the Austin area. Read more.

Articles, Blogs, Tutorials, Slides and Videos

Dockerizing MySQL at Uber Engineering by Joakim Recht

Dockerizing a Syslog Based Application by Chris Williams

Can Windows Replace Your Macbook for Dev? Yes! And it’s quite nice. by Travis Reeder

How To Configure a CI Testing Environment with Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu 16.04 by Melissa Anderson

Using a Microsoft CA to secure Docker by Nicholas Dille

Working with Docker Containers by Melissa Anderson

Your Docker Agenda for November 2016  by Karen Bajza

What Am Container by Glyph

Docker Nuts and Bolts [video] by Patrick Chanezon

Docker Flow: Proxy and Docker 1.12 [video] by Michael Wilde

Voting With Docker: A Little Break From The Election  by Mano Marks

Host your own YouTube-Downloader with Docker  by Raphael 

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