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Modernizing Java Apps with Docker

Modernizing Traditional Applications or MTA was one of the themes at DockerCon EU 2017. Traditional applications are typically built a number of  years ago but are critical to business operations. The developer and operational skill set to maintain the application may be hard to find. The code base can be difficult to maintain, if it is available at all. The team that wrote the original app may not even be around. The applications go into maintenance mode, which may mean they are patched regularly for vulnerabilities. Any revisions to the code can take significant number of hours to test and deploy, so updates are infrequent. It can also hold back infrastructure improvements as dependency management becomes a huge pain point. Learn more. 

In case you missed it, we also have a 5 parts video series on Modernizing Java Apps with Docker. The video series shows you how to move a Java EE app on JBoss Wildfly to a Docker container and deploy it to a scalable, highly-available environment in the cloud without any changes to the app. Learn more.

Intesa Sanpaolo Builds a Resilient Foundation For Banking With Docker Enterprise Edition

Intesa Sanpaolo is the largest bank in Italy and maintains a network of over 5,000 banking branches across Europe and North Africa. With nearly 19 million customers and €739 billion in assets, Intesa Sanpaolo is an integral part of the financial fabric and as such, Italian regulations require that they keep their business and applications online to serve their customers. Learn more.

DockerCon EU Moby Summit Recap: Moby Project, Security, and Networking 

Last month at DockerCon Europer 2017, the Docker and Moby Project community were in Copenhagen for the biggest Moby Summit to date. Moby Summit was very intense, our participants, covered topics in all areas of container systems: Operating Systems, orchestration, networking, security, IoT, build, serverless. There were so many topics presented and discussed that we're going to summarize them in several blog posts, by topic areas. Fortunately, we were able to record all the talks, so if you could not attend in person you will be able to catch up with the videos. Learn more.

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