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Introducing Docker Community Leaders - Formerly Known as Meetup Organizers

As we continue to grow, we’ve been thinking of ways to better serve the Docker community and give more visibility and recognition to the people who don’t just organize events, but who also teach, mentor and volunteer in their community. Learn more.

Shifting Legacy Weblogic Apps to Docker Enterprise Edition for Improved Operations

Founded in 1792, Alm. Brand is a Danish insurance and banking company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and one of the oldest companies to have ever presented at any DockerCon. Sune Keller, an IT architect, and Loke Johannessen, Systems Specialist, rode their bikes to DockerCon Europe 2017 to demonstrate how they helped lift and shift their legacy WebLogic applications to Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE). Learn more

How Docker Enterprise Edition Helps Open Doors At Assa Abloy

ASSA ABLOY is the world’s largest lock manufacturer with 47,000 employees worldwide and well-known brands like Yale, Sargent and Assa in their portfolio. The vision for ASSA ABLOY is to become the most innovative provider of door opening solutions through growth of electro-mechanical and digital entry solutions. With increasingly global operations to deal with as well, ASSA ABLOY recognized the opportunity to leverage public cloud, microservices and containers to fuel this digital transformation. Learn more.

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