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Multi-arch All The Things

True multi-platform workload portability has long been the holy grail of enterprise computing. All kinds of virtualization strategies have been used over the years to approximate this dream to varying levels of acceptable performance or usability. On the one hand, virtual machines and hardware virtualization are flexible enough that you can mix and match operating systems (and even CPU architectures) on the same host—but they come with a lot of overhead. However, language-based virtual runtimes don’t have packaging formats that encapsulate all system-level app dependencies, and that makes them unsuitable for general-purpose deployment and configuration management. Learn more

Swarm Orchestration in Docker Enterprise Edition

At DockerCon Europe, we announced that the next release of Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) would include Kubernetes integration. We’re really excited about bringing Kubernetes to our customer base and continuing to increase our involvement within the community. But it’s equally important for us to note that Swarm orchestration is not going away. Swarm forms an integral cluster management component of the Docker EE platform; in addition, Swarm will operate side-by-side with Kubernetes in a Docker EE cluster, allowing customers to select, based on their needs, the most suitable orchestration tool at application deployment time. Learn more

Docker for Windows 17.11 with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Experimental support for Microsoft’s Linux containers on Windows (LCOW) feature has been available for Windows Server 1709 via the Docker EE “Preview” release. The same functionality is now available for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with the release of Docker for Windows 17.11. In fact, it’s been available since Docker for Windows 17.10. Learn More.

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