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The Enterprise IT Checklist For Docker Operations

At Docker, we believe the best insights come from the developers and IT pros using the Docker platform every day. Since the launch of Docker Enterprise Edition, we learned three things from our customers. First, a top goal in enterprise IT is to deliver value to customers (internal business units or external clients)…and to do so fast. Second, most enterprises believe that Docker is at the center of their IT platform. Finally, most enterprises’ biggest challenge is moving their containerized applications to production in time to prove value. My DockerCon talk focused on addressing the third item, which seems to be a critical one for many of our customers. Learn more.

Docker Enterprise Edition Certified as Kubernetes Conformant

Yesterday, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®) announced that Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) passed the Certified Kubernetes™ conformance program. Based on the upcoming release of Docker EE that was demonstrated onstage at DockerCon Europe, this certification guarantees that all Kubernetes APIs function as specified to deliver a consistent and portable Kubernetes experience within Docker EE. In addition to a fully-conformant, unmodified  Kubernetes experience, users of Docker EE will also have access to the advanced capabilities of the Docker platform including simple and powerful clustering, a secure end-to-end supply chain, and validation to run on all major Linux distributions, Windows, IBM mainframe, and several leading public clouds. By integrating Kubernetes into Docker EE, we simplify and advance the management of Kubernetes for enterprise IT. Learn more.

Where are containerd’s graph drivers?

The short answer is that containerd does not have graph drivers, but it does have snapshotters. We didn’t make this change because we wanted to invent something new or had a severe case of NiH (not invented here). We set out to fix a few long standing issues that are caused by the design of graph drivers. To better understand some of these issues, we first have to look at the history of graph drivers and how they were originally developed. Learn more

Integrating Docker EE Into Société Générale's Existing Enterprise IT Systems

Société Générale is a 153-year old French multinational bank that believes technology and innovation are key to enriching the customer experience and advancing economic development. A few years ago, the bank started a project to define their next generation application platform that would help them get 80% of their applications running in the cloud by 2020. Société Générale chose Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) to be the foundation of their application platform and began working with it 15 months ago. This year at DockerCon Europe, Stephan Dechoux, DevOps architect, and Thomas Boussardon, Middleware Specialist, shared their journey over this time integrating Docker Enterprise Edition [Docker EE] into Société Générale IT systems. Learn More.

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