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As we continue to grow, we’ve been thinking of ways to better serve the Docker community and give more visibility to all the different events and activities available and to the people who organize them. In collaboration with the Docker Community Leaders (formally known as Meetup Organizers), we’re excited to launch a brand new event platform to better highlight local Docker communities and the awesome events happening all over the world. Check out the community event site.

Modernizing Apps from POC to production with Docker EE

Containerizing a single legacy application with Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) can be quite simple and immediately makes the application more portable, scalable, and easier to manage and update. Taking this application to production requires additional planning and collaboration with security teams, performance testing and likely requires detailed operations and disaster recovery plans. This part of the process often has little to do with the technology but with the changes to the organization and governance modelLearn More

Docker at MetLife, GlaxoSmithKline and Finish Railways

In April, Aaron Aedes from MetLife spoke about their first foray into Docker containerizationwith a new application, GSSP, delivered through Azure. Six months later, MetLife returns to the DockerCon stage to share how the Docker Modernize Traditional Apps [MTA] Program presented an opportunity to reduce the costs of their existing applications. Learn more

Ranjith Raghunath and Lindsay Edwards from GlaxoSmithKline presented how Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) is helping them accelerate drug discovery through a project called Edge Node On Demand
Learn More

Markus Niskanen, Integration Manager at VR Group, and Oscar Renalias, Solutions Architect at Accenture presented their story on how they worked together to modernize critical business applications for Finnish Railways, including the reservation and commuter applications. Learn More

Docker Captains' Corner


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