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Introducing the Docker Global Professional Certification Program

Docker is excited to announce the first and only official professional certification program for the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) platform. The new Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification, launching at DockerCon Europe on October 16, 2017, serves as a foundational benchmark for real-world container technology expertise with Docker Enterprise Edition. In today’s job market, container technology skills are highly sought after and this certification sets the bar for well-qualified professionals. 

Be one of the first to get your DCA on-site at DockerCon Europe. If you've reviewed the study guide and think you've got what it takes, join us in Copenhagen and take the exam. Testing is offered Tuesday through Thursday and we’ve got some special gifts to hand out to our first Docker Certified Associates. Learn more

Kubernetes 1.8 release integrates with containerd 1.0 Beta

Docker and Kubernetes both have similar requirements when it comes to a container runtime. They need something small, stable and easy to maintain. They also need an API that abstracts away platform and system specific details so that they can build a featureset for users without being slowed down by the messy syscalls and various driver support that is required to execute containers on a variety of operating systems.        

In order to have Kubernetes consume containerd for its container runtime we needed to implement the CRI interface.  CRI stands for “Container Runtime Interface” and is responsible for distribution and the lifecycle of pods and containers running on a cluster. At Docker, we have a full time engineer working on the cri-containerd project along with the other maintainers to finish the cri-containerd integration to get Kubernetes running on containerd. Read More.

Introducing Hallway Track: Learn from People Around You at DockerCon

The DockerCon Hallway Track is coming to DockerCon Europe in Copenhagen. We’ve partnered with e180.co once again to deliver the next level of conference attendee networking. Together, we believe that education is a relationship, not an institution, and that a conversation can change someone's life. After the success of our collaboration in Austin with Moby Mingle, we’re happy to be growing this idea further for Copenhagen.

DockerCon is all about learning new things and connecting with the right people. The Hallway Track will help you meet and share knowledge with community members and practitioners at the conference.  Learn More

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