DockerCon 2017 is sold out, register for the livestream! 

It's official, DockerCon 2017 is sold out. You can now join the waitlist for a chance to get a ticket. For those of you who are not coming to Austin, we are thrilled to announce that the general sessions on both Day 1 and Day 2 will be livestreamed! Find out about the latest Docker announcements live from Ben Golub (CEO) and Solomon Hykes (Founder and CTO) and enjoy the highly technical demos the Docker team has prepared for you! Be sure to register for the DockerCon livestream to receive an email with the link to the livestream before it starts and stay up-to-date with the latest DockerCon news.

Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker

Legacy applications often serve critical business needs and have to be maintained for a long time. The maintenance of these applications can become expensive and very time consuming. Some applications may have been written decades ago, grown to millions of lines of code and the team that built and deployed the app may no longer be at your company. That can pose a challenge for app maintenance, security and support. Docker Enterprise Edition and the Image2Docker Tool presents a unique opportunity to modernize these apps into containers to make them portable, more secure and cost efficient to operate. Watch the video

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