DockerCon 2017: Windows containers and Hands-On Labs!

DockerCon 2017 is only a few weeks away and we can barely contain our excitement! In case you missed it, all the sessions are live on the DockerCon Agenda. In addition to the 6 breakout tracks, the conference will feature a comprehensive set of hands-on labs covering topics of interest for both developers and operations personnel on both Windows and Linux. View the full list of hands-on labs

This will also be the first DockerCon since Windows Server 2016 was released, bringing native support for Docker containers to Windows. There will be plenty of content for Windows developers and admins – here are some of the standouts.

Meet the winners of the Holberton School and Docker Hackathon

The last weekend in February, Holberton School and Docker held a joint Docker Hackathon where current students spent 24 hours making cool Docker hacks. Students were joined by Docker mentors who helped them along the way in addition to serving as judges for the final products. Read our blog for some highlights from the hackathon.

Docker Captains' Corner


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