Introducing Docker Secrets Management

A critical element of building safer apps is having a secure way of communicating with other apps and systems, something that often requires credentials, tokens, passwords and other types of confidential information—usually referred to as application secrets. We are excited to introduce Docker Secrets, a container native solution that strengthens the Trusted Delivery component of container security by integrating secret distribution directly into the container platform. Learn More

The following diagram provides a high-level view of how the Docker swarm mode architecture is applied to securely deliver a new type of object to our containers: a secret object. Learn More

Docker Secrets Management

Introducing Docker Datacenter On 1.13 With Secrets, Security Scanning, Content Cache And More

It’s another exciting day with a new release of Docker Datacenter (DDC) on 1.13. This release includes loads of new features around app services, security, image distribution and usability. Another element of delivering safer apps is around the ability to ensure trusted delivery of the code that makes up that app. In addition to Docker Content Trust (already available in DDC), we are excited to add Docker Security Scanning to enable binary level scanning of images and their layers. Docker Security Scanning creates a bill of materials (BOM) of your image and checks packages and versions against a number of  CVE databases. The BOM is stored and checked regularly against the CVE databases, so if a new vulnerability is reported against an existing package, any user can be notified of the new vulnerability. Additionally, system admins can integrate their CI and build systems with the scanning service using the new registry webhooks. Learn More

Announcing the DockerCon Speakers and Sessions

This week we've also launched the DockerCon 2017 agenda. With 100+ DockerCon speakers, 60+ breakout sessions, 11 workshops, and hands on labs, we’re confident that you’ll find the right content for your role (Developer, IT Ops, Enterprise) or your level of Docker expertise (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). View the DockerCon agenda

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