New DockerCon 2017 speakers! 

Has it sunk in yet that DockerCon is in roughly 2 months? That’s right, this year we gather in April as a community and ecosystem in Austin, Texas for 3 days of intensive learning and networking (with a side serving of Docker fun). Today, we are announcing the next group of awesome DockerCon speakers and we can’t wait for the lessons, stories, tips, tricks and insights they will share.

Do you really want to go to DockerCon, but are having a hard time convincing your manager on pulling the trigger to send you? Have you already explained that sessions, training and hands-on exercises are definitely worth the financial investment and time away from your desk? Well, fear not! We’ve put together a few more resources and reasons to help convince your manager that DockerCon 2017 on April 17-20, is an invaluable experience you need to attend.

15 Questions AWS Users Ask About DDC For AWS

Docker is deployed across all major cloud service providers, including AWS. So when we announced Docker Datacenter for AWS (which makes it even easier to deploy DDC on AWS) and showed live demos of the solution at AWS re:Invent 2016 it was no surprise that we received a ton of interest about the solution. Docker Datacenter for AWS, as you can guess from its name, is now the easiest way to install and stand up the Docker Datacenter (DDC) stack on an AWS EC2 cluster. If you are an AWS user and you are looking for an enterprise container management platform, then this blog will help answer questions you have about using DDC on AWS. Learn More.

Docker Online Meetup Recap: Introducing Docker 1.13

Two weeks ago, we released Docker 1.13 to introduce several new enhancements in addition to building on and improving Docker swarm mode introduced in Docker 1.12. Docker 1.13 has many new features and fixes that we are excited about, so we asked core team member and release captain, Victor Vieux to introduce Docker 1.13 in an online meetup. Watch the video and slides

Docker Captains' Corner


Articles, Blogs, Tutorials, Slides and Videos

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