CPU Management in Docker 1.13

In case you missed it last week, we released Docker 1.13 with lots of new features, improvements and fixes to help Docker users with New Year’s resolutions to build more and better container apps. Learn more about Docker 1.13

Resource management for containers is a huge requirement for production users. Being able to run multiple containers on a single host and ensure that one container does not starve the others in terms of cpu, memory, io, or networking in an efficient way is why I like working with containers. There are many different options when it comes to dealing with restricting the cpu usage for a container. With things like memory, its is very easy for people to think that , --memory 512m gives the container up to 512mb. With CPU, it’s hard for people to understand a container’s limit with the current options. Learn more

DockerCon Early Bird Ticket Sale ends on 1/27

Friendly reminder to your get your DockerCon 2017 early bird tickets before it's too late! DockerCon will feature topics and content covering all aspects of Docker and the container ecosystem and will be suitable for Developers, IT pros and Technical Executives no matter their levels of Docker knowledge.

Top speakers include: Brendan Gregg (Netflix), Justin Cappos (NYU), Laura Frank (Codeship), Thomas Graf (Noiro networks) and Julius Volz (Prometheus). More speakers will be announced next week! 

Docker MeetUp Community Reaches 150k Members

We are thrilled to announce that the Docker meetup community has reached over 150,000 members! We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all the amazing contributors and Docker enthusiasts who are working hard to organize frequent and interesting Docker-centric meetups. Thanks to you, there are 275 Docker meetup groups, in 75 countries, across 6 continents. Learn more

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