Introducing Docker 1.13 with compress, squash, prune and service logs

Today we’re releasing Docker 1.13 with lots of new features, improvements and fixes to help Docker users with New Year’s resolutions to build more and better container apps. Docker 1.13 builds on and improves Docker swarm mode introduced in Docker 1.12 and has lots of other fixes:
  • Restructuration of CLI commands
  • Experimental build
  • CLI backward compatibility
  • Swarm default encryption at rest
  • Compose to Swarm
  • Data management commands
  • Brand new “init system”
  • Various orchestration enhancements
Read this blog post for more details on Docker 1.13 highlights.

Infrakit Under The Hood: High Availability

At Docker,  our mission to build tools of mass innovation constantly challenges to look at ways to improve the way developers and operators work. Docker Engine with integrated orchestration via Swarm mode have greatly simplified and improved efficiency in application deployment and management of microservices. Going a level deeper, we asked ourselves if we could improve the lives of operators by making tools to simplify and automate orchestration of infrastructure resources. This led us to open source InfraKit, as set of building blocks for creating self-healing and self-managing systems. Learn More

Docker For Windows Server And Image2Docker

In December we had a live webinar focused on Windows Server Docker containers. We covered a lot of ground and we had some great feedback – thanks to all the folks who joined us. This is a brief recap of the session, which also gives answers to the questions we didn’t get round to.  Learn More

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