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Introducing the Technical Preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016

This week marks a huge leap forward as we release a tech preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server aka the Windows daemon available for download and testing. Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 (TP3) and Docker Engine for Windows Server together makes the Docker experience available to many more developers — to build new software and to contribute back to the project.

Read more about the tech preview of Docker Enginer for Windows Server 2016

Docker Global Hack Day

Ready for Docker Global Hack Day #3?

We announced the prizes for winning hacks and the first round of local editions for Docker Global Hack Day #3 earlier this week.

With the grand prize being a pass to DockerCon EU 2015 complete with accommodations and a speaking slot at the conference, now is the time to submit your hack ideas! As a team of 1-3 hackers, you will hack on a project using Docker or infrastructure plumbing as a central piece.

Submit your hack ideas for Docker Global Hack Day #3 today!

Last chance for Early Bird Passes to DockerCon Europe 2015!

We only have a limited number of Early Bird Passes left - register now and save over €200!

Don't forget to also submit your speaking proposal for DockerCon Europe 2015 by September 1st, 2015! We’re looking for a variety of talks including unique use cases and cool Docker hacks - click here to read our 5 top tips for submitting killer DockerCon talk proposals. 

Looking for a Docker demo?

Every other week, we will present a live product demonstration in a webinar. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session. 

Upcoming dates include Aug 20th, Sept 3rd and Sept 17th - register now!

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Containers: Docker, Windows and Trends by Mark Russinovich

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Videos, slides and podcasts

Building a Learning Lab Solution using Docker by Aater Suleman

Docker for Software Development by Nishant Agrawal

Intro to Docker, building images, and Docker workflow for developers by Rich Nason

Replacing Travis CI with Jenkins and Docker. Sort of. by Jonas Pfenniger

Dev and Deploy Haskell on Docker by Chris Biscardi

Containers: How much faster than a VM? by Anne Currie 

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Orchestrating Databases with Docker by Chris Ward

Dev Environments: The Next Generation by Travis Thieman

Docker Container Networking with BCF

Crazy about Containers with Nick Stinemates

Upcoming Events


Aug 19th: The Value of Docker Support and Subscription

Aug 19th: Docker Online Meetup: Docker 1.8 - Notary

Aug 20th: Docker Demo and FAQ

Aug 24th: Building a micro-service using Node.js & Docker #2

Sept 1: Introduction to Docker and Containers

Sept 3rd: Docker Demo and FAQ

Sept 9th: Docker and The Three Ways of DevOps

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day

Official Docker Training

Aug 20th-21st: Docker Administration and Operations (Sydney, Australia)

Aug 27th-28th: Docker Administration and Operations (Melbourne, Australia)

Sept 11th-12th: Docker Administration and Operations (Las Vegas, NV)

Sept 15th-16th: Docker Administration and Operations (Washington, D.C.)

Sept 22nd-23rd: Docker Administration and Operations (Raleigh, NC)

Oct 6th-7th: Docker Administration and Operations (Columbia, MD)

Oct 18th: Introduction to Docker (Austin, TX)

Oct 20th-21st: Docker Administration and Operations (Philadelphia, PA)

Oct 23rd-24th: Docker Administration and Operations (Las Vegas, NV)

Nov 3rd-4th: Docker Administration and Operations (New York City, NY)

North America

Aug 19th: Docker Meetup at the Innevation Center (Las Vegas, NV)

Aug 20th: Docker Talk at MesosCon (Seattle, WA)

Aug 24th: Docker Meetup at Braintree (Chicago, IL)

Aug 24th: Docker Talk at Transistor (Salt Lake City, UT)

Aug 24th: Docker Talk at Seattle AWS (Seattle, WA)

Aug 25th: Docker Meetup at The Iron Yard (Houston, TX)

Aug 27th: Docker Talk at DevOps Princeton (Princeton, NJ)

Aug 27th: Docker Talk at AWS North Bay (Novato, CA)

Aug 27th: Docker Talk at SF Web Performance Group (San Francisco, CA)

Aug 28th: Docker Talk at Pluralsight Study Group (Bellevue, WA)

Aug 28th: Docker Talk at Code{4}lib (Los Angeles, CA)

Aug 31st: Docker Meetup at Society (Denver, CO)

Sept 1st: Docker Meetup at Next on Main (Greenville, SC)

Sept 2nd: Docker Meetup at Meltmedia (Tempe, AZ)

Sept 3rd: Docker Meetup at Cvent (Washington, DC)

Sept 9th: Docker Meetup at TBA (Toronto, Canada)

Sept 12th: Docker Talk at Cloud, Big Data and Data Science Group (Atlanta, GA)

Sept 10th: Docker Talk at Downtown NYC Tech (New York City, NY)

Sept 10th: Docker Talk at Triangle DevOps (Raleigh, NC)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Akamai (Cambridge, MA)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Digital Ocean (New York City, NY)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Cvent (Washington, DC)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Tire Intelligence (Charlotte, NC)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at TBA (Greenville, SC)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at TBA (Indianapolis, IN)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at The Innevation Center (Las Vegas, NV)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at New Relic (San Francisco, CA)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Box (San Francisco, CA)

Latin America

Aug 26th: Docker Meetup at Hacker Garage (Guadalajara, México)

Aug 29th: Docker Meetup at ACATE (Florianópolis, Brazil)

Sept 12th: Docker Meetup at Raul Hacker Club (Salvador, Brazil)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at TBA (Guadalajara, México)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Medallia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Aug 19th: Docker Talk at Azure User Group (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Aug 20th: Docker Talk at Red Hat User Group (Oslo, Norway)

Aug 20th: Docker Meetup at leaseweb (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Aug 20th: Docker Meetup at Rockin' Cafe (Brno, Czech Republic)

Aug 20th: Docker Talk at DevOps Bristol (Bristol, UK)

Aug 20th: Docker Talk at Web Element (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Aug 26th: Docker Talk at Scala Enthusiasts (Warsaw, Poland)

Aug 26th: Docker Talk at Apache Flink Meetup (Berlin, Germany)

Aug 27th: Docker Talk at GDG (Zürich, Switzerland)

Aug 27th: Docker Meetup at KPN Hoofdkantoor (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Aug 27th: Docker Talk at Activa (Barcelona, Spain)

Aug 28th: Docker Talk at JUG Bremen (Bremen, Germany)

Sept 1st: Docker Talk at AWS Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)

Sept 1st: Docker Meetup at Startplatz (Cologne, Germany)

Sept 1st: Docker Meetup at MoneyBird (Enschede, The Netherlands)

Sept 2nd: Docker Talk at Kassel Code (Kassel, Germany)

Sept 2nd: Docker Talk at NИUG (Oslo, Norway)

Sept 2nd: Docker Meetup at Telefonica (Madrid, Spain)

Sept 2nd: Docker Talk at MongoDB User Group (Dublin, Ireland)

Sept 8th: Docker Talk at ILTechTalks (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Sept 8th: Docker Meetup at IBM (Zürich, Switzerland)

Sept 8th: Docker Talk at Pygrunn (Gronigen, The Netherlands)

Sept 8th: Docker Talk at DevOps.mk (Milton Keynes, UK)

Sept 9th: Docker Meetup at La cantine numerique (Tours, France)

Sept 10th: Docker Talk at Nijmegen Data Science (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Sept 15th: Docker Workshop at GOTO London (London, UK)

Sept 15th: Docker Talk at WebDev BBQ (Stuttgart, Germany)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day

Sept 16th: Docker Talk at DevOps Bristol (Bristol, UK)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at AKRA GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at Apiary (Prague, Czech Republic)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at TBA (Marseille, France)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day at TBA (Ankara, Turkey)

Sept 17th: Docker Global Hack Day at Google (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Sept 17th: Docker Global Hack Day at Zenika Ouest (Rennes, France)

Sept 17th: Docker Meetup at Codebase (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Sept 17th: Docker Meetup at Chess iX (Haarlem, The Netherlands)

Sept 19th: Docker Global Hack Day at Workday (Dublin, Ireland)


Aug 20th: Docker Talk at Cape Town PHP (Cape Town, South Africa)

Aug 29th: Docker Talk at Google Developer Group (Cape Town, South Africa)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day


Aug 19th: Docker Meetup at Gloops (Tokyo, Japan)

Aug 22nd: Docker Meetup at Apigee (Bangalore, India)

Aug 22nd: Docker Meetup at Xebia (Gurgaon, India)

Aug 26th: Docker Meetup at Exact Asia Development Centre (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Aug 27th: Docker Talk at Oncloudnine (Singapore, Singapore)

Sept 1st: Docker Talk at GoSG (Singapore, Singapore)

Sept 5th: Docker Talk at Reactive Programming (Bangalore, India)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day

Sept 19th: Docker Global Hack Day at TBA (Mumbai, India)


Aug 18th: Docker Meetup at Optiver (Sydney, Australia)

Aug 19th: Docker Meetup at Aconex (Melbourne, Australia)

Aug 20th: Docker Talk at DevOps Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

Sept 8th: Docker Talk at Ruby on Rails (Sydney, Australia)

Sept 16th: Docker Global Hack Day

Sept 17th: Docker Global Hack Day at Catalyst IT (Auckland, New Zealand)

More events & meetups


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