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InfoQ: "Docker Application Guides" Demonstrate How to Deploy Enterprise Apps to
Swarm and Kubernetes

Docker, Inc., recently announced  Docker Application Guides , which demonstrates how to
deploy applications on 
 Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) and Docker Desktop, providing architecture examples and guidance for selecting container images and deploying prototype applications, orchestrated by Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. Read more  

DockerCon EU: Save €190 with Early Bird Pricing until September 8th

Registration for DockerCon Europe 2018 is now open. Join us in Barcelona on
December 3-5,
with 3,000 other developers, sysadmins and architects and get hands-on
with the latest innovations in the container ecosystem. DockerCon is your chance to attend the leading container industry conference where the broader container community comes
to learn, share and connect.

Docker 18.06 CE Debuts Alongside New Release Cadence by Sean Michael Kerner

How HPE and Docker Together Accelerate and Automate Hybrid Cloud Adoption by Dana Gardner

Letting Traefik run on Worker Nodes by Michael Irwin [Docker Captain]

Docker Tip #66: Fixing Error Response from Daemon: Invalid Mode by Nick Janetakis [Docker Captain]

Articles, blog posts, slides and videos:

Installing Docker on Windows 10 by Vikram Kumar 

Application Health Check with Golang and Multi-Stage Docker Build by Stefan Pöltl 

Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Docker-Compose, and Elixir by Richard Duarte 

Dockerizing Anything and Everything by Soumyadeep Paul 

Deploy your Create React App with Docker and Ngnix by Sara Vieira 

Docker Tutorial Series Part 1: Images, Layers and Dockerfile by Aditya Dixit 

Setting Up A Cassandra Cluster on Your Laptop Using Docker by Jayaraj Jayaraman  

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