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Cool Hacks Spotlight: Gloo Function Gateway

To close DockerCon Cool Hacks keynote, Idit Levine from Solo.io presented Gloo, a high-performance, plugin-extendable, platform-agnostic function Gateway built on top of Envoy. Learn More

DockerCon SF 2018 Cool Hacks Spotlight: Kubeflow

This year, we featured three great hacks showing off innovative uses of Docker. In this post, the Cool Hacks on Kubeflow is demonstrated by David Aronchick and Michelle Casbon.  
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Containerd, Buildkit, and a Reflection about the Enduring Value of Docker Engine

Two weeks ago was our eighth DockerCon in just four years. Our community of contributors, developers, IT users, enterprises and ecosystem partners has grown exponentially into the millions,  anchored on our founder Solomon Hykes’ simple premise of democratizing the use of the software container.

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Catch up on what you missed from DockerCon 2018: 

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