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Extending Support Cycle for Docker Community Edition 

We’re excited to share the release of Docker 18.06 Community Edition (CE) and also share some changes that will be implemented in the next release. Based on feedback we’ve been hearing from the community, we are implementing some changes to deliver higher quality Community Edition (CE) releases. Learn More

Making Application Collaboration Easier with Docker Application Packages

In the first blog post about the experimental Docker Application Packages, Gareth showed how our new open-source docker-app can be used to augment Compose files by adding metadata and separate settings.  
Learn More


Five Key Open-Source Projects from Docker Developers by Mano Marks 

Leveraging Multi-stage Builds to use a Single Dockerfile for Dev and Prod
 by Mike Irwin[Docker Captain] 

Video: The Best Ways to Install Docker for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with Tips by Bret Fisher [Docker Captain] 

Docker Tip #63: Difference between an Array and String Based CMD by Nick Janetakis[Docker Captain] 

The Top 6 DevOps Tools to Know in 2018 by Yoshitaka Shiotsu 

Articles, blog posts, slides and videos:

Docker for Data Scientists by Bobby W. Lindsey

Docker-Compose Basic Ideas by Sebastian Kristof 

How to setup Jenkins CI system with Docker by Harsh Murari 

Docker: Useful Commands by Matúš Seidl 

Docker for Developers — MongoDB by Alon Valadiji 

Dockerizing React Applications for Continuous Integration by Taylor Jones 

Simple example of ASP.NET Core with Docker by Cesar Cristian Uehara 

Docker: More Than A Cute Whale by Sean Edmond 

How to Use Docker for Easy and Fast WordPress Development by Francesco Napoletano 


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