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Cool Hacks Spotlight: DART

Docker container platforms are being used to support mission-critical efforts all over the
world. The Planetary Defense Coordination Office out of NASA is using Docker’s platform
to support a critical mission that could potentially affect everyone on the planet!  
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Jabil Enables a Global Software Supply Chain with Docker Enterprise Edition

Jabil, one of world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions provider with over 100 sites in 29 countries is embarking on a digital journey to modernize their
technology infrastructure so the company is better able to deliver the right solutions at the right time to their global customer base.
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Making Compose Easier to Use with Application Packages by Gareth Rushgrove 

What is DevOps? by Clare Hopping and Adam Shepherd

Docker tutorial: Get started with Docker Hub  by Serdar Yegulalp

Docker Tip #62: Using 2 Dockerfiles in the Same Compose Project by Nick Janetakis [Docker Captain]

My DockerCon 2018 Slide and Demo Resources by Bret Fisher [Docker Captain]

A First Look at Docker Application Package “docker-app” by Ajeet Raina [Docker Captain]

Articles, blog posts, slides and videos:

What is the Docker Volume| How to Create Volumes| What is Bind Mount|Docker Storage [Video] by Raghav Pal

How to Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 by Brian Hogan

Monolith to Dockerlith: Learnings from Migrating Our Monolith to Docker by Steven Uray

10 Docker Tips and Tricks by Jordi Febrer Jordà

Handy Docker Aliases by Carlos Justiniano

Scientific Computing Needs Containers by Kevin Yedid-Botton 

Docker 102: Docker-Compose by Paige Niedringhaus

The Case for Microservices and Docker Containers by Alex Quintero


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