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Learn Docker Plaform best practices with Free Hands-On Labs and Workshops at DockerCon 2018

According to a recent stackoverflow report, the Docker Platform is in the top 10 skills to learn if you want to advance in a career in tech. So where do I go to start learning Docker you may ask?  Well the good news is that we now have free workshops and hands-on Labs included as part of your DockerCon 2018 ticket. Learn More

Docker Government Summit 2018 videos

This year’s summit reflected what is top of mind for government organizations, namely IT modernization and what that means for infrastructure, applications, data and the workforce. As mentioned in the keynote address, the line between government IT and private sector IT is blurring now more than ever. From the priorities outlined in the White House IT Modernization Report to the discussions at the recent IT modernization summit, the themes focus on results of better customer service and better stewardship of tax dollars. Learn More 

containerd 1.1 can be used directly by Kubernetes

Today we ship the  second major release for containerd, with added support for CRI, the Kubernetes  Container Runtime Interface. The old cri-containerd binary is now deprecated, and this project’s code has been merged in containerd as a containerd plugin. The containerd 1.1  CRI plugin allows connecting the containerd daemon directly to a Kubernetes kubelet to be used as the container runtime. The CRI GRPC interface listens on the same socket as the containerd GRPC interface and runs in the same process. Learn More. 

Articles, Blogs, Tutorials, Slides and Videos

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