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Docker Showcases Industry Innovation in 120+ Sessions at DockerCon 2018

DockerCon 2018, scheduled for June 12-15, 2018 at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. DockerCon is expected to draw more than 6,000 IT leaders, developers, architects and sysadmins from all over the world and will feature more than 120 sessions from Docker, its enterprise customers as well as users and partners across the ecosystem. Attendees will have the option to attend sessions tailored to where they are in their containerization journey, whether it is an introductory tutorial on Docker or a Black Belt session for advanced Docker users. Guest keynote speakers will include Robert Tercek, innovation expert and the author of Vaporized, as well as Docker customer and Fortune 100 company, Liberty Mutual - with more speakers to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Learn More.

Webinar Recap: The Docker Platform on Windows - from 101 to Modernizing .NET Apps

Our live Docker webinars are always hugely popular. Last month we hosted a session on Docker and Windows containers, covering everything from the basics to how you can use the  Docker platform (Docker Enterprise Edition and Docker Desktop)  to modernize existing .NET apps and move them to the cloud. The recording is available now – it clocks in at 60 minutes and has lots of demos showing you how to build and run Windows applications in containers with Docker for Windows. Learn More

Improved Docker Container Integration with Java 10

Many applications that run in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), including data services such as Apache Spark and Kafka and traditional enterprise applications, are run in containers. Until recently, running the JVM in a container presented problems with memory and cpu sizing and usage that led to performance loss. This was because Java didn't recognize that it was running in a container. With the release of Java 10, the JVM now recognizes constraints set by container control groups (cgroups). Both memory and cpu constraints can be used manage Java applications directly in containers. Java 10 improvements are realized in both Docker for Mac or Windows and Docker Enterprise Edition environments. Learn More.



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