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A Secure Supply Chain for Kubernetes

The beta release of the Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) container platform last month integrates Kubernetes orchestration, running alongside Swarm, to provide a single container platform that supports both legacy and new applications running on-premises or in the cloud. For organizations that are exploring Kubernetes or deploying it in production, Docker EE offers integrated security for the entire lifecycle of a containerized application, providing an additional layer of security before the workload is deployed by Kubernetes and continuing to secure the application while it is running. A few weeks back, we covered access controls for Kubernetes, this week we’re discussing how Docker EE secures the Kubernetes supply chain. Learn More.

First Look at the DockerCon San Francisco 2018 Agenda

From June 12th - 15th, San Francisco will welcome 6,000+ developers, sysadmins, architects, VP of Apps and other IT leaders to get hands-on with the latest innovations in the container ecosystem at DockerCon 2018. Today, we are excited to share a first look at the DockerCon Agenda. We’ve brought back some of your favorite from past DockerCons and are also thrilled to welcome many first time DockerCon speakers to the stage. Here is a first look at some of our favorites sessions. Learn More.

Save the date: Docker Birthday #5 the week of March 19-25, 2018 

Every year in March, we celebrate Docker’s birthday. It is a tradition that is near and dear to our heart because it gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude to our community of contributors, customers, partners and users. The goal of this global celebration is to have fun but also to learn Docker through a series of hands-on labs with the help of mentors on-site. Join your local chapter page to find out the details of your local celebration.  Learn more. 

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